Michael Golowyn


Australian born and raised, failed relationship and break-up coach, Michael has been through it all. Plagued by 20 years of failed relationships, suffering endless cycles of abandonment and rejection, led him to eventually uncover unique solutions to rapidly transform his grief and heartbreak into living an inspired life. These solutions, backed by both modern science and ancient wisdom, have been part of an ongoing study and training regimen for the past 12 years under world-renowned human behaviour specialist Dr John Demartini.

The turning point was in 2016 when his long-term partner suddenly left. They had spent many years building a life and a home together. Even though he was completely devastated, confused, and wallowing in self-pity, a tiny part of Michael had a glimpse that this was an opportunity. An opportunity to apply his unique knowledge and training onto himself, as a case study, document his transformation out of heartbreak and grief, and into a fulfilling and inspired life. As a result of his experience Michael co-authored the international Best Selling book ‘Transforming Your Life Volume 2’ which is a Best Seller in across multiple countries in multiple categories.

Once he saw the results in his own life and was amazed at the speed at which transformation is possible, he reviewed the methods he took and replicated the process. Combined with having Masters and Bachelor of Science degrees in Science working in the highly technical offshore oil and gas industry for almost 2 decades, Michael uniquely merges his two fields of expertise to help his clients rapidly transcend the grief from relationship break-ups or to help singles rapidly find their match.


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