Marisa Goudy


Marisa Goudy is an author, a word witch, writing coach, storytelling teacher, and energy healer who teaches women how to embody and tell their own Sovereign stories. In 2020, released her first book with Paper Raven Books, The Sovereignty Knot: A Woman’s Way to Freedom, Power, Love, and Magic.

Twenty years ago, Marisa was an American student studying in Ireland. There, she discovered the myth and magic of the Sovereignty Goddess. Now, she combines her passion for Celtic mythology, Goddess spirituality, and Irish folklore with her feminist vision of creating a more beautiful, equitable world, beginning with the healing of one woman at a time.

Founder of the online community, the Sovereign Writers Circle, and creator of the 7 Magic Words Project, Marisa helps healers, coaches, creative entrepreneurs, and transformation professionals of all kinds tell their authentic stories and build their businesses using her signature Sovereign Storytelling method.

She loves to help women heal their own personal stories in her unique Story Illumination Sessions. These sessions call on the practical frameworks she has created around personal empowerment, and are designed to help women “free the princess, crown the queen, and embrace the wise woman within.”

Check out Marisa’s book, The Sovereignty Knot, available in print or ebook form just about anywhere in the world. Visit her website, to discover more about her work and try her free 7 Magic Words challenge to discover those special words that will bring your back into alignment with your truest self.


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