Dr. Anne Whitehouse


Anne Whitehouse, PhD FRSA, is a leading expert in Female Power, a healer, best-selling author, and a secret introvert!  A former metallurgical engineer, the strain of succeeding in that ‘boys’ club’ world caused her to spiral into a spectacular burnout 25 years ago.  A pattern experienced by many high-flying women.

Dr Anne has spent two decades unravelling the hidden power dynamic that undermines women – and has developed a unique solution.  Her work integrates the worlds of scientific analysis, subconscious reprogramming and subtle energies.  A thought-leader and change-maker, she frees women from the deep-seated roots that cause our visibility fears, the gender confidence gap, imposter syndrome and holding back instead of shining. 

Her ground-breaking techniques put you in control of the power.  You feel genuinely safe, and it becomes automatic to speak up, hold authority, sail through limits, flourish in the spotlight and make a bigger impact than you ever thought possible.  Aggressive toxic situations become ‘water off a duck’s back’.  It becomes safe to shine as a powerful woman, instead of censuring yourself to fit into the expectations of others. Anne has worked with hundreds of women, worldwide, helping them step into more success, more visibility and more impact, without the stress – with her unique and dramatically different confidence training! 


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