Hello and welcome to the 7-Day Self-Care Strategy, where you will learn the quickfire way to improve your mood, energy levels and inspiration in just one week.

My name is Leah Sheppard, and I am the founder of Her.0, the empowerment app for women and I am SO excited to see you here.

Over this course you will get to know the exact steps we teach our Her.0 members to getting their groove back when you feel like you’re stuck in an energetic rut. It is not only fast acting, but repeatable any time you find yourself in need of inspiration and self-care.

You will get to know our signature 7-day roadmap, which is not only easy to complete but repeatable any time you need it.

You will get to know exactly what self-care is, and that it’s not all woo-woo nonsense, but real, helpful, and doable progress for your life!

You will also get a bunch of helpful ways to integrate self-care into your everyday life, so the energy-levels, inspiration and healing happens 24/7!

So, your self-care journey starts now; sit back, relax and let’s get into it!