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    My ex, who we shall call Arloaf, broke up with me after 18 years for reasons that are still not apparent to me. It’s been almost 6 years now so I get that I am never going to get that kind of closure.

    However his mother, who we shall call Alexis Carrington Colby, and father, who we shall call Goner Pyle, along with my ex sisters and brothers in law, who we shall call mean, nasty, callous and spiteful have not contacted me at all since the breakup. I was very close with Arloaf’s family, maybe even more so than my own.

    Since the breakup (which again, was at Arloaf’s behest) the fuckers have not contacted me once. I sent the most innocuous, albeit very tasteful, Christmas card to Alexis and Gomer the Christmas following the breakup. No acknowledgment from them! None! Whatsoever! No polite “thank you”, no “it’s good to hear from you, not even a “fuck off and don’t ever send us anything again!”!

    To be fair I don’t know what Arloaf told them about our breakup, and families do tend to close ranks. But forfuckssake at least say thanks for a Christmas card! I paid $9 for that bad boy, not including postage!

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